Notes on use of Etomica

Etomica is "beta" software, and it has not been widely distributed. This means that we haven't had much feedback yet from users regarding its performance and ease of use. In developing Etomica we have become accustomed to its idiosynchracies and weaknesses (bugs!), and perhaps have even come to think they are normal. Consequently...


The simulations performed by Etomica have not been thoroughly tested for correctness. This software is presented on an "as is" basis, and it should not be used in situations where it is important to obtain correct simulation data.

Permission is granted to use Etomica and the other material on this site for your own academic research and instruction. All other rights are reserved. In particular, you may not use Etomica for any commercial purposes, nor may you redistribute it in any fashion. If these restrictions cause problems for you, and you wish to do more with this software now, please contact us.

Etomica is dedicated to the memory of Bryan Mihalick.

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This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation and performed in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Buffalo.