The following files are pdfs of PowerPoint presentations used to explain the class structure of Etomica and/or its parts at a particular point in its development. This information does not necessarily describe accurately the current implementation of Etomica. Naturally, recent files are more relevant than older ones.

Etomica API (PDF) [5 May 2005]

Etomica Meters and Data (PDF) [23 Feb 2005]

Etomica overview (PDF) [9 Feb 2005]

All about Potentials presentation (PDF) (powerpoint version) [23 Jan 2003]

All about Species Presentation (PDF) (powerpoint version) [14 Dec 2001]

All about Meters presentation (PDF) (powerpoint version) [08 Jun 2001]

Molecular simulation workshop presentation (PDF) [22 May 2001]

The M.S. thesis of Bryan Mihalick (pdf) [23 Feb 2001]

Molecular Simulation Workshop Information [July 2007]

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Etomica is dedicated to the memory of Bryan Mihalick.

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This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation and performed in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Buffalo.