download description size date
ptplot The ptplot v5.3 package is used to present graphical figures. 23 KB 08 Jan 2002
vecmath Sun's vecmath package, used by G3DSys. 105 KB 20 Jan 2007
g3d JMol's g3d graphics library, used by G3DSys 161 KB 1 Apr 2008
G3DSys (complete) G3DSys graphics layer plus vecmath and g3d. If you get this, you don't need vecmath or g3d. 332 KB updated daily
JAMA JAMA Java Matrix Package 66 KB 20 Jan 2007
FOP FOP is a print formatter used for writing SVG files, specifically used in etomica.graph. From the zip, you need build/fop.jar, lib/xml-apis-ext.jar and lib/batik-all.jar 19 Apr 2011
The GL4Java package is only needed for running older pre-compiled modules. Current Etomica development uses G3DSys instead.
OpenGL for Windows Needed to perform visualization of 3D simulations. Follow the instructions in the included Readme file. 540 KB 14 Nov 2001
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Etomica is dedicated to the memory of Bryan Mihalick.

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This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation and performed in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Buffalo.